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Equipment from IECW


Summer, 2021, this equipment shall be removed from the Indy West education center.


Photo Room Number/Name Equipment
225 225 Teaching Station and screen
226 226 Teaching Station and screen
227 227 Teaching Station and screen
228 228 Teaching Station and screen, 18 speakers, mounted in ceiling tiles
229 229 Teaching Station and screen
230 230

Teaching Station and screen;

Cart with overhead projectors;

Cart with cables

Cart with monitors (and CD player, etc.)

237 237 Teaching Station and screen
238 238 Teaching Station and screen
speaker cart; cable cart  ceiling projector box  electric screen Admissions Suite

Cart of speakers

Cart of cables

Still in the ceiling:

-An electric screen,

-Projector inside a retracting mounting box

closet subwoofer Control room behind Admissions suite Subwoofer
no photo available Lobby/Reception area VGA cable in ceiling



All equipment has been removed from Grad Counseling Suite, 233, 234, 235, 236, 239, 240, 241

All Spectrum teaching stations (smart carts) have been removed and delivered to Marion.

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