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Kaltura CaptureSpace

Kaltura CaptureSpace





Kaltura CaptureSpace extends Kaltura MediaSpace (IWU’s MediaCentral) offerings to allow screen, webcam/video, and audio capturing abilities.  CaptureSpace enables you to create multi-stream recordings using a vast array of recording devices such as integrated webcams or a professional USB/HDMI connected video camera. You can automatically capture video, audio, and screen in parallel. CaptureSpace can record up to four video streams simultaneously. You can also record presentations or capture the screen.

Installation is simple.  The user downloads and installs a desktop client and then launches the product for the first time from IWU’s MediaCentral menu.  CaptureSpace then allows the user to capture multiple inputs (audio, video, screen) while optionally annotating and uploading that product to their personal My Media within MediaCentral.  The product is designed for both Mac and PC users.

Initial Installation

Please click on the link below next to ”Video” to watch a brief video on how to install Kaltura CaptureSpace.  This video will take you through step by step of the initial installation.  This must be done first for the feature to work. It is recommended to bookmark the URL address for MediaCentral which houses CaptureSpace (first link below). 

URL:   (if asked to login, you use your normal portal login)



Getting Started (after initial installation is complete)

  1. Log in to the portal if you are not already.
  2. Go to . It is recommended to bookmark this page if you have not.
  3. Click on “Add New”


  1. Click on “Capture Space Utility” in the drop down menu.



  1. Click OK when a launch application window appears.

  1. A Kaltura CaptureSpace Desktop Recorder pop up will display. Note:  If you are using duel screens the pop may appear on your other screen.

  1. Choose how you want to record. For this example, I am choosing Screen.  I have duel screens so I may pick which screen I wish to record and hit on the “Record” button at the bottom.


  1. As you record you will have a menu bar that will allow you to draw, pause, resume if you have paused the recording, cancel and click done when finished.  If you are using duel screens, it may appear on the other screen. If you still do not see it, click on the Kaltura CaptureSpace icon on the bottom toolbar of your computer. 



  1. Once you press done your recording will begin saving.


  1.  A new page will appear.  This page is the editing page.  The video will automatically start but can be paused.


  1. Trim and/or chop by moving the blue circles.



  1. Click the Titles tab to choose pre-loaded title styles.  There are various options to choose from.  Once done click on the “Apply” at the bottom and let the changes save. You can also choose credits to add credits.


  1.  When done click on “Done” at the bottom next to apply.
  2. A new pop will appear that will give you upload options. You can choose your title, write a description, and add any tags.  Once done you can upload, preview and/or save. In this example I will click “Upload”.


  1.  Upload will begin. Once completed you will be given a link where your upload is available or you may go to your my media and find the video. My media is located under your name in the drop down menu in Media Central.



  1. Go to MediaCentral and your my media home page. You will see all your recordings listed.



  Multi Source Recordings


  1. Click on  CaptureSpace Utility under the Add New tab.


  1. Click on Presentations and Lectures.



  1. Select the number of cameras you intend to use (up to three). When using the Kaltura CaptureSpace Desktop Recorder on a Mac, you are able to choose only one camera. 



  1. You can record the screen or upload a presentation. Toggle Screen Capture On to capture your entire screen. 



  1. Click Record located at the bottom right corner of the screenYou are presented with a countdown for 5 seconds and then the recording begins.
  2. Drawing tools are available when recording the screen. The drawing tools can be used to draw freely on the screen during the recording. You can stress important points by drawing a circle around them, or highlight important aspects. Anytime during a recording, you can click on Draw to use the drawing tools.