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Log into a Brightspace Admin Account


If this is your first time logging into your Brightspace admin account, or you need assistance with resetting your password, please navigate to the article, Password Management For Brightspace Admin Accounts.


  1. If you have already logged into your regular Brightspace account, the IWU Portal or any University site that uses single sign on, make sure to log out of all sites before proceeding. We strongly recommend that you use Chrome if at all possible.
  2. Access the Brightspace direct login page.

    Direct Login Page.png
    1. If you are taken to the Brightspace main landing page or the IWU network login page after selecting the Brightspace direct login page link instead of the login page, make sure to follow Step 1 above and then follow the direct login page link again.
  3. The "Username" field requires that you input your administrative account's username, not your regular IWU username. Your administrative account's username will be the same as your regular IWU username but with .adm at the end. i.e. firstname.lastname.adm
  4. After inputting your administrative account's username and password, select the "Log In" button.

    Direct Login Page, log in button 1.png
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