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Indiana Wesleyan University Support Knowledge Base

My Courses - Overview


After completing this how-to article you will have the knowledge to understand the information displayed within the My Courses widget, as well as the ability to utilize the features it has to offer.



  • The My Courses widget is located on the left side of the Brightspace main landing homepage. The widget displays up to 12 of your courses for quick access.
  • Courses that are pinned will appear starting from the top left first, and any courses after that will appear in the order of most recently accessed.
  • At the bottom of the widget, you can select the View All Courses link to bring up a view of all the courses in Brightspace you have access to.


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Course Tiles

  • "Course tile" is the term used for the individual containers that link to the respective course's homepage.
  • The name of the course is displayed below the course image.Sample Course 1
  • Below the course name, either the start or end date is displayed. If a course has not yet begun, the start date will be displayed. If the course is already currently in session, the date the course ends will appear.Starts July 8, 2019 at 12:00 AM Ends July 1, 2019 at 12:00 AM  
  • If a course has ended, a badge will display above the course name. Please note, even though the badge says "CLOSED" you are still able to access the course.
  • If there are unread discussion posts in a course, a badge will appear at the bottom of the course tile. The badge is directly linked to the discussions page within the course.

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Sort by Semester/Term Feature

  • Above the first row of course tiles, there is a list of semesters/terms that your courses were taken within.
  • The default sorting method is the All view. If you do not want to sort by a specific semester/term, stay with the All option to have all courses appear within the widget, no matter which semester/term they are within.All, 2018-03 Class openings, 2019-09 Class openings, 3FA2019, 3SU2019
  • The list of semesters/terms appear in ascending numerical order starting on the far left.
  • If you have more semesters/terms that can show within the initial view, use the right arrow button to display more semesters/terms.
  • Select a semester/term name to have only those course tiles within that semester display in the My Courses widget.4SU2019
  • To navigate back to the beginning of the semester/term list, use the left arrow button.
  • Please note, the semester/term that you select to display most recently, including the All option, will be what loads every time you access the main landing page moving forward. At any time you can choose another semester/term to make it your new default viewing option.