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Indiana Wesleyan University Support Knowledge Base

Chalk and Wire / ePortfolio FAQ

Most Chalk & Wire / ePortfolio tickets can be resolved by pasting responses from this FAQ to the customer and including any attachments where appropriate.

Students in this system are referred to as candidates.

Can't find class profile form

Can't find submit button or other menus/elements are missing

Did my submission go through?

Don't know how to submit or share

Error uploading a video

Faculty Advisor lists and candidate submission withdraw links

Having trouble logging in

Having trouble sharing portfolio

How to delete artifacts

How to withdraw unassessed duplicate submissions

Logging in takes them back to the login screen

Password reset to Vacation and steps to reset it

Peer coach not receiving assessment notifications

Portfolio download taking too long with escalation to Chalk and Wire

Steps to Escalate to Chalk and Wire

Text formatting issues in a text block

Yellow "Things look different" bar is all that is displayed

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