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Access and Integration

Adirondack is the Housing system that is hosted in the cloud.  We had to create custom processes to transfer data to and from the system.  



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There are two main interfaces for SDT use.

THD - This is the main interface where you can go to create reports and search the data.  You log in with ADFS

DIM - This is the interface for creating imports and exports.  You have to have a personal login for this.

Live THD Interface:

Live DIM Interface:

Test THD Interface:

Test DIM Interface:


2017-12-12 17_06_12-_New document 1 - Inkscape.png

The import and export into colleague currently utilizes two servers

Mocha - Used to transfer, process, and stage files for Erpapp

Erpapp - Runs the colleague process and utilizes the staged files, and SFTPs student information to Adirondack


You can find the repository for windows parts at \\DataExports\Adirondack
     The root folder here is a repo that contains subrepositories, which can be pulled all together, or you can pull them

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