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Indiana Wesleyan University Support Knowledge Base

PowerBi Reports on SharePoint Online Portal Sites

Before a PowerBi report can be embedded on a SharePoint Online Portal site, necessary authorization should be granted. Please follow the workflow below to attain the necessary authorization. 

PowerBI Authorization Workflow

  • Customer/Owner of the PowerBi Report creates an iSupport ticket requesting the report be added to the SharePoint online portal
  • The ticket will be routed to the Office of Institutional Data and Analytics.
  • The Office of Institutional Data and Analytics communicate with the customer documenting the following in the ticket.  
  • Determine the data contained in the report 
    • Verify the report does not include Personal Information or IWU Confidential information  
  • Verify the data contained in the report is appropriate for the group(s) requested to consume the information  
  • Identify how often the report data should be refreshed  
  • Identify the location/site on the SharePoint online portal the report will be accessed by other users 
  • The Office of Institutional Data and Analytics will reassign the iSupport ticket to the Software Development Unassigned queue
    • The iSupport ticket will be assigned to a PowerBi Administrator for next steps  
  • The PowerBi Administrator will provide the customer with Gateway Key. The key is required to automate the report 
  • The report is then published by a PowerBi Admin, and a link to the report is provided to the customer 
  • The customer may then add the report to the Sharepoint site  



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