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Site Request Form

Summary This article explains how to complete the Site Request Form

Requesting a site

Click here to complete the form: Site Request Form

Before requesting a site, please complete the training videos listed:

If you are prompted with a screen requesting permission from your SharePoint account follow these instructions.   

Form Walkthrough

Starting from the top of the form this article will walk through each field.

Title: This is the title of the site. This title will be visible on the site and in the URL.

Site Owner: In this field please enter a valid email address and select your account name from the list below. 

If a username has been selected it should look like this:


Secondary Site Owner: In this field, please enter the user's full email address and select your account name from the list provided. For redundancy, we are requiring a secondary site owner, they will have all the same responsibilities as the first site owner.

Site Type: The dropdown box will present three options to select; Resource Site, Collaboration Site, and Communication Site.

Requested Hub Association: Requested Hub Association field will appear If the Communication Site type has been selected. Select the hub the site should be associated with. Communication Sites should not be associated with the N/A hub, or the request will be denied. 
See more information about Hubs.

Multiple Language Support: As default, this option will be set to No. Select Yes if the site should have multiple language support. When any changes are made to the English site, a translator is required to edit the alternate language site when any changes are made to the English side. If Yes is selected in this field, Sharepoint Administrators will reach out via email to ask who the translator is. 

Reason For Site:  This field allows for an explanation as to why the site is needed. Filling this field out helps the SharePoint Administrators better understand how the site will be used. 

Attachments: This field is not required, but you may attach any documents that you feel are relevant to your request. 

Submit form: Once all required fields have been completed the Submit Form Button will become enabled. Once the Submit Form Button has been clicked a page stating "Request has been submitted to SharePoint Administrators" should appear. On this screen, a button to complete another form is available if another site request is necessary. If each field is completed and the submit button is still grey, verify that the values in each field are input correctly.

What happens after the form has been submitted? This form will be submitted to the SharePoint Administrators who will either create the site or decline the creation of the site. The initial creation of the site will still rely on the SharePoint Administrators, but the customization of the site will be the responsibility of the Site Owner and Secondary Site Owner (NOTE: Sharepoint Admins can assist with troubleshooting and guidance).


If your having trouble completing this form please email SharePoint Administrators.

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