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Two-Factor Authentication and Password Reset


How to setup, change, and use self service password recovery (SSPR) and two factor authentication (2FA) at IWU. Password recovery is used if you ever forget your IWU Password, or if you just want to change your IWU Password. Two factor authentication is used to help keep you, your data, and the IWU community safe and secure

Two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security to your account by requiring you to have something you know (username and password) and something you possess (e.g., cell phone or hardware token). When Office 365 applications and services require two-factor authentication, it prevents anyone but you from using your account, even if someone else knows your password.


Learn more about SSPR and 2FA in the sections below (click heading to expand). You may also jump straight to our documentation at the bottom of this page.

Terms / Definitions

Self Service Password Reset (SSPR)
In short, how you'll be able to reset your password if you happen to forget it, or if you just want to change it
Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
Using two items to sign into a site or service. This way if someone guesses or steals your password it will still be difficult for them to access your private info.
Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
Using two or more items to sign into a site or service. 

What is SSPR and 2FA or MFA?

Two-factor authentication either requires the use of a second item (code provided via a text message, authenticator app etc.) when you are logging in on an untrusted or unrecognized device, application, or web browser. At IWU, our authentication and password recovery are all handled by Microsoft 365. This allows you to manage your authentication and password recovery from one convenient location.

Why does IWU use 2FA?

The short answer

It protects you and others around you in the IWU community from information security threats. 

The long answer

The use of two-factor authentication is quickly becoming the standard for universities and colleges. Federal and state governments have mandated the use of two-factor authentication for years along with the majority of banking institutions. Additionally, the Department of Education is considering requiring two-factor authentication for schools to continue receiving federal financial aid.

Two-factor authentication is a significant increase in your account’s protection. If you receive a security code or push notification when you are not trying to log in to your account, you’ll immediately know that someone else is attempting to access your account. If this does happen, you should change your password and contact the IWU Information Technology department immediately! Other benefits of two-factor authentication are:

  • Two-factor authentication adds an extra barrier between your personal information and the bad guys.
  • Two-factor authentication can help keep attackers from accessing your email, documents, payroll, personal information, or research data.
  • Two-factor authentication reduces the risk of hackers using your IWU account to perform harmful activities.
  • Two-factor authentication helps protect IWU’s systems.



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