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"Access denied to this record" for Advisee


When viewing your list of assigned advisees in Self-Service Student Planning, you are unable to access a particular advisee, and the message Access denied to this record due to system security is displayed below the student's name.




This message is displayed whenever a student's records in Colleague are flagged with a privacy code to which you do not have access.  You will need to contact the Registration & Academic Services office about obtaining access to view records flagged with the privacy code attached to the student.


Here is an example of a student record that is flagged with a privacy code in Colleague, as well as the place in Colleague where an advisor may be granted access to view students with that code.  In this example, the advisor will see the "access denied" message, because the student has a privacy code of P, and the advisor does not have P (or any other code) listed as a code to which she has access.

Student Record


Advisor Record


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