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Recreation & Wellness Center - 137


This page details the AV technology in classroom in RWC 137. This is the only classroom located on the first floor.


137sources.JPGThis classrooms offers a large cart, though not a typical teaching station. The only items on the cart are a DVD/VCR combo, a laptop, and a projector remote control. A pull-down screen is wall mounted in the corner of the room. A ceiling mounted projector provides SD content over VGA cable, and also provides sound reinforcement. Composite video and audio from the DVD/VCR is also connected to the projector.


Please set your laptop resolution to 1024 x 768 for optimal viewing. This is the projector's native resolution.

Aspect Ratio 16:10


Please use the projector remote control to adjust volume during the playback of DVD and VHS tapes. Please use the laptop's built-in volume control options to adjust volume during the playback of computer content.

This room does not support digital signals (typically connected with HDMI or DisplayPort).

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