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Indiana Wesleyan University Support Knowledge Base

Trouble with approval (APRN) password

How to reset APRN password if it is not working



APRN is not accepting your approval password.


IWU Password Reset
If you have just recently reset your IWU network / email password, this does not automatically affect your APRN password even if the passwords were previously the same.  You must reset your APRN password separately using the APPW screen (see instructions below).

If your APRN Approval Password is not being accepted, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the APPW screen and follow the prompts to reset your own password.
  2. Try using the new password on the APRN screen.
  3. If either step does not work, you may not be set up correctly as an approver.  Contact Liz Clark in the Business Affairs office for assistance (see the Employee Directory for current contact information).


Note: Approvals in Chrome
If you are accessing Colleague in Google Chrome and APRN is locking up when you enter your password, this may be because Chrome is attempting to remember and automatically enter your approval password.  To resolve this issue, you can:
  • Call the Support Center and ask for assistance removing the remembered approval password from Chrome.
  • Access Colleague using the Firefox browser for APRN approvals.