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Unable to Move Application to Student

Explains how to re-open a closed application when that application will not Move to Student (add the MS status).

Closed Applications

Sometimes SRCR will fail to move an application to student because it has been marked Closed.  To correct this:

  1. Load the student into ASUM.
  2. Detail to APPN for the application you need to reopen.
  3. Detail to APSH (detail button next to the application status).
  4. Place a Y in the Reopen Application box and click Save All.


You can only re-open an application if ALL of the following are true:
  1. You detailed to this form from the Applications (APPN) or Short Application Entry (SHAP) form.
  2. The application status history does not contain MS Moved to Student.
  3. The student is not currently enrolled in the associated academic program. (Active program on SPRO).
  4. The application's program record (accessible directly from SACP even if it does not show up on SPRO) has a start and end date that are both prior to the start date of the application start term.
  5. The application's program record has a status of P.  (Note: If the status is already P, and you fix the dates using SACP, the status will automatically be changed to C and you will need to change it back to P before saving out.)

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