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By default, deployment will schedule a sign to play the same content items and templates all day every day. You have the option to change when you would like to display a template, region, or content item.


  1. To change the scheduling of a content item, right-click on the item to bring up the context menu. To change the existing recurrence (all day, every day) choose, Existing recurrence, then click the all day, every day recurrence.

2015-01-13 16_45_17-Logged in as Haisley,Tony (tony.haisley) at signage_res on SQL1_SQL1 - Content M.png

  1. This will bring up the recurrence dialog box. Here you can specify start and end dates/times as well as recurrence patterns.

2015-01-13 16_45_58-Recurrence.png

  1. You can add additional recurrences of the same template, region or content item by right clicking and choosing the "New Recurrence".
  2. If there are two content items scheduled to play at the same time, the content item that is on top of the other item will take priority.
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