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AP Checks

Test plan summary

03/04/2021 - AP Checks
This process uses a template in Doc eServe. Once processed in Colleague, the document is imported into etrieve Content in the Procurement Services area.
Test Plan Owner:  Kirk Engbrecht
Backup Testers:  Chris Bassett

Latest versions successfully tested


Test plan items

The sections below describe all tests to perform on etrieve as part of this testing plan.

Page or process Testing instructions Expected result
AP Checks
  1. In Colleague Test, create the AP Checks.
  2. Print to DOCESERVE printer.
  3. Verify the test check on the print and that the document was created in etrieve Content.
  • The AP Check printed and a copy of the check went into etrieve Content in the Procurement Services area with a doc type of PRSV Check.


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