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etrieve Upgrade Testing

Information about the etrieve upgrade process, including the current upgrade status and test plans to be completed prior to each upgrade.


Process and Rules

See the etrieve Upgrade Process spreadsheet for an overview of the testing process approved by the IDSC on ??.

General etrieve testing rules are as follows:

  1. All testing is to be completed within 1 week of IT releasing the new version to the etrieve test plan owners.
  2. All test plan owners or their delegates are responsible for organizing testing for their changes and reporting back to IT when testing is complete.
  3. An upgrade will not move to production until all testing plans are completed and reported back to IT.
  4. At the end of the 1 week testing period, IT will send a follow-up to the whole group with the status of all test plan sign-offs.  If problems are encountered during testing, the update may be pushed back 1 week.
  5. No new custom work will be included in an upgrade.

Current Testing Cycle

etrieve Version: 2021.1.1
Cycle Status: Development

Status Key:

The versions listed are currently being prepared for testing by IT, so no testing should be done at this time.
The versions listed are ready for testing, and the testing period has begun.
Testing is complete for the versions listed and any issues serious enough to prevent the upgrade have been resolved.

Testing Site

The following URL can be used to access the Self-Service site for the version currently in testing when the Cycle Status above is set to Testing.





This site is always set up to interact with the Colleague Test system.  The date it was refreshed can be seen by logging in to Colleague Test.

Testing Plans

Below are all test plans that must be completed with each etrieve upgrade.

Test Plan NameTest Plan SummaryLatest Versions Tested
Content - Index a Document
02/19/2021 - Requested By: Index a Document in Content
Features of indexing a document in Content
Test Plan Owner:  Sandy Lake, Sarah Greentree, Chris Vermilion
Backup Testers:  [Names]
Content - Search
02/19/2021 - Requested By: Search functionality in Content
[Brief summary description of customizations or process to test]
Test Plan Owner:  Sandy Lake, Sarah Greentree, Chris Vermilion
Backup Testers:  [Names]


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