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Ad Review Request

Test plan summary

05/17/2023 - Ad Review Request
Used to request an admissions review for a N&G student.
Test Plan Owner:  Tammy Luckey
Backup Tester:  Adrian Burton

Latest versions successfully tested


Test plan items

The sections below describe all tests to perform on etrieve as part of this testing plan.

Page or process Testing instructions Expected result
Ad Review Request
  1. In etrieve Central, select Ad Review Request or use this link:
  2. Fill out pertinent information.
  3. Submit the form.  Be sure to notify the AdReview Chair about the test document.
  4. Verify that the Admissions Evaluation dashboard indicates that the student is in AdReview.
  5. The submitted form goes to the InBox of the AdReview Chair. Notices are also sent to members of the AdReview Committee.
  6. AdReview Committee members review, mark approval and click Approve.
  7. All of the committee members comments are written to the main form.
  8. The AdReview Chair moves the form forward by clicking on Approve. 
  9. The form exits the workflow and becomes a document.  All the documentation and workflow history become additional pages. 
  10. Verify that the Admissions Evaluation dashboard now reflects that AdReview is complete.
  11. The document is searchable in etrieve Content.
  • The form should be in the Student Admissions NG area in etrieve Content with a doc type of GADM Ad Review Request.  The Admissions Evaluation dashboard should reflect the statuses In AdReview and AdReview Complete at the appropriate steps.


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