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Move a Form to a Team

Page Summary 

Explains the process of moving a form from an individual's list of forms to a Team. This allows others to collaborate, view the results etc. Forms that belong to an individual will be lost when that individual's account is removed. By placing a form in a Team it allows the form to be used even if the creator leaves or changes roles.


After following this article you'll have successfully moved a Microsoft Form from a individual's list of forms, over to a Team

Why move a form to a Team?
Where a form needs to "live on" for a long time, its wise to place it in a Microsoft Team so that if someone changes jobs or leaves the university, the form may still be used by others.

First Step

  1. Head to
  2. Log in using your IWU email and password
  3. Locate the form you wish to move

Second Step

  1. Click the "more" menu (...) on the tile of your form
  2. Click Move to a Group
  3. Pick your team that you'd like to move the form to and click Move
You must be a member of a given team in order for it to be an option in the destination list.
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