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Managing when Teams calls will ring to you (Quiet hours, out of office etc.)

Page Summary 

Microsoft Teams gives you the ability to redirect calls when you're not around, when its outside your normal working hours, etc. This page will guide you through several options that are available to help manage when calls will ring to you.

Options for Directing Calls

Quiet Hours

Quiet Hours allow you to set when you're reachable and notified of calls or other Teams messages. Quiet Hours will prevent calls from ringing to your mobile device, and will silence notifications from chats, meetings etc.

Setting up Quiet Hours - Microsoft official documentation

Use Teams Status to Prevent Calls

Calls to you can be redirected per your unanswered settings in your call settings when your status is set to one of the two following statuses:

  • Do Not Disturb
  • Out of The Office
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