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How to Reset Your Keychain Password


When changing your password in OSX Mavericks(10.9)+ you will also need to change the password on your Keychain or you will be prompted to enter in your password when you try to do various things, such as connecting the the network, printing, or accessing shared folders. You can reset your Keychain password by following the steps below.


To get started...

  1. Access your applications folder(You can press 'Shift + Command + A'), open the utilities folder and open the Keychain Access Software. 
  2. When the application opens up, go to the menu option for Keychain Access and choose Preferences.
  3. In this window choose "Reset My Default Keychain" 
  4. Enter in your current password and it will create a new entry for you.

What's Next

Anything you were trying to access before will still ask for your username and password once, but it will properly save that information from that point on. 

If you have any further issues please give us a call at 765.677.2209 (Extension x2209)


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