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Video Conferencing Equipment Options

This page discusses the various Video Conferencing Equipment Available at IWU Marion and N&G Regional Education Centers


Video Conferencing Equipment includes hardware needed to conduct a conference, webinar or distance learning class, such as webcams, microphones, speakers and displays (from phone or laptop screen, to TV or projection screen). The hardware requires a computer, network connection and conferencing software, such as Zoom, Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts, etc.


Ideal Function Examples of Video Conferencing Equipment Where can I use this? Approximate Cost Images
Personal meeting or recording; Huddle space; Conference room Logitech USB Webcam; can be used with any laptop or desktop PC; includes built-in microphone. Models include c920, c903e and Brio. Installed in various conference rooms and small classrooms (BAC, BHSN, OHSN, RWC); also available for temporary checkout through Media Services in the Jackson Library. $100-$200 c930e-webcam.png
Classroom meeting, recording, or distance learning when the focus is on the instructor (lecture, demo, whiteboard) HoverCam Solo 8+ is equally useful for showing documents and 3D objects onto a TV or projection screen, and for showing and capturing participants in a meeting or class. Beacuse of its small footprint and ease of aiming at the desired subject matter or speaker, and because conferencing software detects it as a webcam, it is the easiest and most flexible solution available. Installed in IWU Marion classrooms, connected to the desktop PC. In some installations, the USB 3.0 cable can be unplugged from the front panel of the desktop computer and plugged into a user's laptop. A microphone is built-in. $310-380 HoverCam-HCS8Plus-Image005.jpg
Classroom meeting, recording, or distance learning Samsung Document Camera on the Teaching Station, paired with two wireless Revolabs HD Dual microphones (shaped like lipstick tubes); requires the desktop PC 1 at each of these education centers (CLEC, DYEC, FWEC, IECN, KEC, LVEC, NGM 104); Marion classrooms (BAC, ELDR, GMN, NCMC, PPAC, RWC, SHCE) no longer available for purchase. Originally $1,792 SDP-860-2.jpg HD_Mics_2.png
Conference room; small classroom; meeting,  recording, and distance learning with interactivity and discussion Jabra Panacast 180-degree Auto-tracking webcam. The internal microphone is sufficient for people speaking within about 10'. When used at distances greater than 10', pair with any microphone, such as the Jabra Speak 710. Connects via USB. Speak 710 can connect by either USB or Blutooth. Jackson Library Study Room 5-B

$900 Panacast;

$250 Speak;

$1,150 Total

Classroom; meeting,  recording, and distance learning VC Cart 1.0 from 2013-2016 (a.k.a., Adobe Connect cart, or Zoom cart); stored elsewhere, must be rolled into the classroom and connected to specific audio and network jacks in the rear of the room, which connect the VC cart to the desktop PC in the teaching station, which detects the VC cart as a webcam. 8 wireless microphones make this a great solution for a meeting or collaborative discussion. It is a great choice for social distancing within a classroom.



See the VC cart-compatible rooms here


No longer available for purchase. Instead, see Zoom Cart (below)

VC cart1 top.JPG
Small classroom; meeting,  recording, and distance learning; digital white-boarding, annotating Zoom cart (2019), Newline TruTouch. A 55" or 65" interactive display on a mobile TV cart, with built-in PC, WiFi, casting, webcam, microphone, speakers and touch-screen.


Elder Hall 232 and 351

NCMC 116; GMN 106

WSEM 102

$6,000-$9,000 232 Newline.jpg
Conference room, small collaborative classroom; meeting,  recording, and distance learning with interactivity and discussion Meeting Owl. An all in one audio and video solution, in the appearance of an owl. Place it on the table in a location where all of the people in the room will be facing, and the 360 degree camera will pick up whomever is speaking. It has an 8-microphone array, built-in speakers, and the camera automatically tracks where the voice is coming from, providing a side-by-side view of the current and previous speakers, as well as a panoramic strip of the entire room. It connects to a desktop PC or a laptop via USB cable. It includes a power cable and a USB A to USB mini cable.

At least 1 at each regional education center;

JWAB meeting rooms

10 available for temporary checkout through Media Services in the Jackson Library. Several departments have their own Meeting Owls.

$630-800 owl.png
Ideal conference solution for shared usage when Zoom is the standard platform ZoomRoom. A meeting space with a shared Zoom license. Any user can press a button to start a meeting. Components include a TV, computer, webcam, sound system and iPad controller. No cables on the table. Wirelessly mirror the content displayed on your Windows or Mac laptop or Android or iOS mobile device to the TV. Requires annual license. NGM 130 (Administrative conference room)

$2,000 or more for equipment;

$499 annual license

Ideal conference solution for meetings and collaboration when Teams is the standard platform Teams Room. A meeting space with a shared Teams license. Components include a TV, computer, webcam, sound system and touchscreen controller, like a Microsoft Surface. No cables on the table. Wirelessly mirror the content displayed on your Windows laptop or Android phone to the TV. Requires monthly or annual license. None, currently

$2,000 or more for equipment;

$15/month standard

$50/month premium



There is no One-Size-Fits-All in video conferencing!

Many options are available for purchase or short-term demo.

Consult with Institutional Media Technologies (call extension x2209, or email for the best solution for your intended application and/or environment.


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