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Indiana Wesleyan University Support Knowledge Base

Media Production Service

Media Transfer and Duplication

IMT offers video editing and duplicating capabilities available to a limited number of constituents (faculty, for academic purposes). Common hard media (tape, disc) delivered to the Media Services desk may be digitized, edited, and shared back to the requestor via digital delivery.

This service is limited to IWU faculty, in direct support of academic and instructional purposes, and requires a GL# for payment.

Delivery options include

  1. OneDrive
  2. Media Central (Kaltura)
  3. DVD
  4. CD (for audio only)
  5. USB flash memory stick or SD card

Options 3, 4, 5 can be your own media, or purchase one from Media Services ($1 per disc, or $10 for flash memory)

Media Production

Video events coordinated through Conference Services are given a complimentary DVD copy, or access to the cloud-stored video file of the event.

Any requested editing beyond cropping/trimming beginning and ending footage on a digital file will incur an Editing Fee, starting at $35/hour.

Do-It-Yourself video editing options are available in the Jackson Library, with Adobe Creative Cloud on several Mac and PC computers, available for use by the general public.

Do-It-Yourself video capture options include the One Button Studio.

Several locations on campus include video-recording enabled systems:

  • Speech Lab ELDR 147
  • Worship Lab NCMC 134
  • Baker Recital Hall, PPAC 141
  • Zoom Room, NGM 130

Do-It-Yourself video production may require additional audio and video equipment, available from Media Services, but possibly not published among the list of frequently used items. Please contact Media Services, or call (2209, option 9) or email IMT ( for more information on available equipment for videography or photography.

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