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Burns 130

Burns Hall 130 - Porter Auditorium

Classroom View:


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 •     A - Short Throw Interactive Projector

            o    Mounted from Wall above Whiteboard

            o    Projects onto Whiteboard

            o    The image or video selected will appear on all projection screens, unless Whiteboard mode is selected

 •     B - Ceiling Mounted Projectors (2)

            o    Project onto fixed projection screens, mounted on wall above, and to the left and right of whiteboard

            o    The image or video selected will appear on both projection screens


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The teaching station will provide multiple source options, one of which can be shown on the display:​

   •    Laptop – HDMI cable

            o    Cable Cubby in the top of the teaching station

            o    floor box at the front of the room

   •    Wirelessly casting a Laptop, tablet or phone image and audio

   •    Desktop PC

   •    Blu-Ray Player

   •    Document Camera


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   •   Ceiling Speakers 

   •   Wireless Microphones - Shure SLX

Handheld microphone and Lapel microphone

   •   Volume Control

One volume control for program audio - on the interactive monitor

One volume control for each wireless microphone - Extron MVC, located down low inside the front door of the teaching station.

Video conference

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   •    There is NO connection for the Portable VC Cart System located in this room

   •    There is a webcam on a microphone stand that can be pointed toward the audience or toward the presenter. This is tethered to the teaching station, but may be unplugged from the desktop PC and plugged into a laptop's USB (type A) port.

   •    There is a USB document camera with a built-in microphone, which can be used as a webcam on the desktop PC.


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   •   WolfVision Cynap control system


   •    For optimal results, please set your laptop's resolution to 1280x800 Aspect Ratio 16:10

Equipment location

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   •    Teaching Station at the front of the classroom

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