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Indiana Wesleyan University Support Knowledge Base

Elder Hall 127-129 Digital Newsroom

This Digital Newsroom is used by the IWU Sojourn and other Media and Communications classes. For more information on using the technology in the Digital Newsroom, please call the support center at x2209.




For optimal results, please set your laptop's resolution to 1920x1080 Aspect Ratio 16:9


Apple TVs (display on far end displays)
    HDMI (one at each cluster of displays) 

The HDMI on right tv (127) is the master and can be used to display onto both TV's. The HDMI on the left TV (129) can only be used to display on that TV only. 

For dual display TV in 129 needs to be on HDMI 3. For 129 only it needs to be on HDMI 1.

The Apple TV can be moved to either TV depending on which one is wanted. 

VGA + audio (only at right (127) display. Only for 127. Cannot be used for dual display.

Cable TV (center, smaller cluster of displays)

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