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Indiana Wesleyan University Support Knowledge Base

Jackson Library 160A


This conference room is located in the Academic Affairs wing of the building, and is accessible from the hallway near the rotunda.


There are two Sony flat panel TVs, both with HDMI access on the wall plates that can be used to mirror one image simultaneously or display two different images separately. There is also one Webcam that can be accessed through the USB on the wall plate below the TV.


Display Options

Flat Panel TVs

Connect your device to one of the wall plates via the HDMI cabels provided. There is one HDMI to displayport adapter provided.

Please bring your own display adapter to enable connection to the provided HDMI laptop cable if there is not a displayport connection on your device.



 Please set your laptop's resolution to 1080p (1920 x 1080) for optimal viewing. This is the Flat Panel TV's native resolution. Aspect Ratio 16:9


How to use one device to mirror displays on both TVs:
1.Turn on TV with the remote (green button in the middle of the top row)
2.Connect device to the HDMI on the wall below the TV
How to use two devices with one TV per device:
1.Connect the second HDMI Cable to the other wall port below the TV (another HDMI Cable is in the drawers outside the door on the right)
2.Select the proper input (input button is the black one in the middle of the top row)
How to use the Webcam (only available on the TV opposite the wall the storage room):
1.Connect the UBS to the your device
2.Select input 2 on the TV
3.Allow the driver to download (this may take a few minutes)
4.Open Skype or another app for Webcam use
**Please remember to turn off all devices when you are finished.


Please keep in mind that in order to see the same content on both flat panel displays, connect your laptop to the flat panel which has the webcam on top of it. Then turn on the left flat panel display, and select the correct source input (HDMI 2) using the provided remote control. Select a different input (HDMI 1) to view a second laptop on the left flat panel display.

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