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Jackson Library 17


This collaborative classroom is located in the lower level of the Jackson Library, on the opposite end of the building from the elevators and offers flexible seating arrangements. To schedule this room, contact the Director of Library Services.

Display Options

This classroom has a fully equipped teaching station, sound system, and one display:

  • Ceiling Mounted Projector
    • Projects onto Electric Screen on front wall. The screen control button is located above the light switch at the entrance to the room.
    • Alternately, may project onto the whiteboard, if the electric screen is in the up position. This allows for annotating (marking over) the projected image on the whiteboard, using dry erase markers.
  • Four flat panel TVs
    • two displays on each of the side walls.
    • in Lecture mode, the flat panel TVs show the same image as the projector
    • in Collaboration mode, the flat panel TVs show the image of a locally connected laptop, tablet, or USB flash drive (see SOURCES - Flat Panel TVs, below)

Sources - Teaching Station

The teaching station provides multiple sources which can be shown on one or more of the displays:

The source selected on the teaching station will always display on the projector, if it is turned on. That same teaching station source will be displayed on each of the flat panel TVs unless local devices are connected to those flat panel TVs.

Sources - Flat Panel TVs

The 55" TVs will allow these sources to be shown on the nearest display:

  • Laptop- HDMI 
  • USB flash drive - picture files, pdfs, etc.
  • Laptop or tablet - wirelessly connect to Mersive Solstice, which uses Airplay and Miracast mirroring technology.


Please set your laptop resolution to 1920 x 1080 (1080p) for optimal viewing. This is the display's native resolution.

Aspect Ratio 16:9


Ceiling lights can be turned on or off with one of the light buttons (near the entrance). There is an additional panel for recalling standard lighting presets. For improved visibility of the projected image on the screen at the front of the room, there are buttons which affect only the front row of lighting fixtures which would produce glare on the projection screen.

There are wall-mounted dry erase whiteboards on each wall, and multiple portable dry erase boards which can be distributed to students for a writing surface, or hung up on  hangers when not in use.

This room is the Emergency Storm Shelter for the building.

  JLB 17 - 360 view

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