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Ott Hall Classroom 163

OHSN Classroom 163



These classrooms have a fully equipped teaching station, a sound system, and two displays.​ Projectors can display the same image or independent images from the main system.

   •     A - Short Throw Interactive Projector

            o    Mounted on wall above whiteboard

            o    Projects onto Whiteboard

   •    B – Ceiling Mounted Projector 

            o    Mounted From Ceiling

            o    Projects onto Manual Wall Mounted Screen


The teaching station will provide multiple sources which can be shown on one or more of the displays:​

   •    Laptop HDMI cables

  •     Cable Cubby on top of teaching station
  •     Audio Video Wall Plate located under the whiteboard at the front of the room

   •   Wireless mirroring of a mobile device

   •   Desktop PC

Can I show different sources on different displays?

To show content from two different sources, tap on the touchscreen and then within the control ribbon beneath the desired source, select the UP Arrow, to send that content to the ceiling-mounted projector.


   •   Ceiling Speakers

   •   Volume control on Touch Panel


  •   For optimal results, please set your laptop's resolution to 1280x800. Aspect Ratio is 16:10.


   •  22" Touchscreen Monitor, located on top of teaching station

Equipment Location

   •  Spectrum Compact Presentation Lectern

Classroom View


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