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Connect a desktop PC using the Laptop HDMI cable


In some rooms, the desktop PC and laptop have to share a single HDMI input connection. This document will show you how to do that.

First Step

Are you in a classroom that has this feature? To find out, look inside the front door of the teaching station and look for an HDMI jack mounted in the rack panel. It will look like this, and be located near the desktop PC.

HDMI jack

Second Step

Locate the HDMI cable which is typically located on top of the teaching station. It may have an HDMI adapter ring attached to it. If so, unplug any adapter from the HDMI cable.

Third Step

Plug the laptop HDMI cable into the HDMI jack located in the first step. Be very careful when closing the front door of the teaching station, to prevent damage to the HDMI cable...or better yet, just leave the door open while in use.

Fourth Step

On the controller, select the source button for laptop (In some rooms, that laptop button may be labeled "PC")

Last Step

When you are done, please unplug the cable and place it back on top of the teaching station. This will help the next person who wants to use the cable with their laptop, and will help prevent damage to the cable when the door closes.


Which rooms have this option?

Football VIP suite 202

Ott Hall of Science and Nursing 380

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