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Indiana Wesleyan University Support Knowledge Base

How to access your student IWU Email Account


This how-to covers how to sign into your IWU Student Email from the MyIWU Portal.



  1. Log into the MyIWU portal ( using your current username and password.
    (Need help logging into the portal? See Portal Login.)
  2. If you are still using your initially assigned IWU password, please consider selecting a new password that is memorable to you, but to nobody else.
    (Need help changing your password? See Change Password.)
  3. Click on the Student Email link on the right side of your MyIWU portal home page.
  4. You will be taken to Office 365 and automatically signed in.  Your email account has already been created, but you will need to supply your primary language and your time zone.  Please choose your time zone carefully, as it determines the time stamps on your messages.
  5. After answering the two setup questions, you will be taken to your mailbox, where you can read and compose your email messages.


If you are already signed into a personal Microsoft email account or a Microsoft account from your employer or another educational institution, then you will need to sign out of that account before you can access your IWU email account. Once you are signed out of the other email account, return to Step 3 and click on the Student Email link again.  (If you are ever prompted for a username and password, your username is your entire IWU email address (example: and the password will be the same one that you use to sign into the MyIWU portal.)
If you need assistance at any step, please contact the IWU Support Center.
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