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Bulk Mail From Contacts

To do Bulk emailings, faxes, or letters using the information you have stored in Outlook please do the following:

1.) Select the contacts folder which stores the information of the people you are wanting to email, fax, or send a letter to. TIP: to select multiple people - hold down the Ctrl key while clicking the individual people. Note: if the contacts are in multiple folders, they will need to be moved to one, single folder in order to do the merge.

2.) When the contacts are selected, click (Tools), and then (Mail Merge). If you want to email a complete folder of contacts, be sure to have the (All contacts in current view selected). In the “Fields to merge” section, be sure to have “all contact fields selected” so all available fields will be at your access. In the next section, (Document file) you will want to select the file that you have created previously for mass mailings, please note that you must have the correct merge fields selected in order for it to work with outlook. If you have not created the file, be sure to have the (New Document) checked. Next, look at the lower section which includes (Merge Options). The scroll down box will allow you to choose a form letter, labels, etc. If you are sending a fax or email, be sure to have the form letter checked. Next, you will want to select whether this is a fax, or an email. The fax will use the fax built into your pc, or you could print it off if you decide. The e-mail option will send each person a separate and customized message electronically (no BCC, or CC) - If sending through email, be sure to include a subject line.

3.) It will then open Microsoft Word, and have the “Merge Fields” toolbar open, to create a merge document. This will only occur if you are creating a new, non-existing document. On the tool bar you will see a (Insert Merge Field) button, click it to see the options of the fields available. These will include all contact fields that are available in outlook, even the ones you created! Here is an example.. “First_Name” “Last_Name” – the program placed your first name and last name in because I selected them from the list. You can see where this will become very helpful, especially when you created custom fields such as money owed, or grades posted (if you use outlook for this type of data).

4.) Once you are done creating the document click the Merge button. It will bring up the choice to send Electronically, or by Printer. - It's that simple! - You will see that there are now many messages in your Outbox in Outlook. It will email each person individually. Good luck!

Applies to Microsoft Office 2002-2003.

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