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Delete Duplicate Items

On the View menu, point to Current View, and then click to change the folder view to a table type view. For example, use the following view and field combinations:

 View > Field 
 Calendar > Active Appointments 
 Contacts > Phone List 
 Inbox > Messages 
 Journal > Entry List 
 Notes > Notes List 

Right-click a column heading, and then click Field Chooser. From the list at the top of the Field Chooser, click to select the All <item name> fields.

Drag the Modified field to the table heading.

Verify that the duplicate items have a unique date from the original set of items. If it is unique, click the Modified heading so that the items are sorted by this field.

Click the first item in the set that you want to delete. Scroll to the last item in the set you want to delete and while holding down the SHIFT key, click the last item.

Press DELETE to permanently delete all selected items.

Applies to Microsoft Office Outlook 2002-2003

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