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How to access Email Quarantine as an Employee


Emails may sometimes be caught in quarantine that are actually legitimate. This how-to will walk you through accessing email quarantine and requesting legitimate messages be released.

Please see the instructions below or this video:

Accessing and Viewing your Quarantined Messages

There are two ways you can access your Quarantined items:

  1. You can view your quarantined messages at any time by visiting:
  2. Microsoft will also send a daily summary email to show you items that have been quarantined. You can view details about each, or request its release straight from this email. Pictured below is an example



Need an email that was quarantined?

No problem! Learn how to request an email be released from quarantine.

Emails will be released as soon as possible, which is typically in less than 4 hours during typical workdays/hours (M-F 8 to 5, excluding campus closures). Messages submitted after hours, or during campus closures will be addressed the next business day.
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