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Managing Distribution List Members as a Distribution List Owner

Page Summary

This how-to page covers how, as a distribution list owner, you can add/remove members and owners. Learn more about how to accomplish these tasks and more on this page.


Which lists can be managed?

Only distribution lists that have been created in Microsoft 365 can be directly managed by the owners. If your distribution list has existed for a number of years then your distribution list may not be eligible. If you find this is the case and need to update memberships or seek to have the group converted so you can manage the distribution list directly, submit a ticket by visiting , sign in and then select "Request an IT Service"  then select the "Email Distribution List Update" button. 

Members vs. Owners

Members - A distribution list member is someone who is eligible to send to the distribution list email address, and also receives emails sent to the distribution list. 

Owners - Owners of a distribution list can adjust the distribution list's settings and add/remove members from the distribution list.

Managing Your Distribution List

Follow  the steps below to manage your distribution list members and or owners.

First Step

  1. Visit the distribution list management page.
  2. If prompted, sign in with your IWU email address and your IWU password
  3. Locate the distribution list you want to manage in the list on the right 
    You can use the search bar at the top of the right column to search for the right distribution list if you own a large number of distribution lists

Second Step

  1. Select the distribution list you wish to edit by clicking on it
  2. With your list selected, click on the Edit icon 
  3. A new window will pop up
  4. Select either the Membership or the Ownership option on the left depending on which you wish to update
  5. Click the  icon to add someone or click on a name in the existing list and click the  icon to remove someone
  6. Once done with all of your changes, click Save at the bottom of the pop-up window




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