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RWC Room 240 Setup

This page contains all of the information pertaining to the special equipment setup in RWC Room 240.


Equipment Connected to ITS Computers

  • Forceplate
  • A/D Conversion Box
  • Electrode Box

Equipment Layout

A Windows XP machine sits in the corner of the room, just to the left of the projector screen, that is hooked up to several pieces of equipment. This computer is connected to:

  • Teaching Station equipment rack (for display on projection screen/whiteboard)
  • A/D Conversion Box
  • ForcePlate


The Forceplate sits on the floor infront of the projector screen, and connects via a long cable to an "A/D Conversion Box" which sits on the desk next to the Windows XP computer, this box is then connected to a special PCI card that has been installed. The software used to run the forceplate is called "Insta-Cal, and Bioware". The Athletic Office holds the installation media for both of these programs.

The A/D Conversion box also has several electrodes that connect to a series of interconnected boxes that read information from electrodes attached to a person's body as they walk across the force plate. The series of boxes are referred to a as  MedPak, this package is connected via a Crossover ethernet cable to a second NIC installed in a Windows 7 Machine, that is located to the left of the windows XP machine mentioned above.

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