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Indiana Wesleyan University Support Knowledge Base

Employee Computer Software Policy


This policy covers the use of software on University owned equipment.


The installation and/or removal of software applications on computing devices is to be approved by UIT. Accordingly, UIT must be notified by a support request and they will service by either authorizing an employee to initiate a change, or by providing the support personnel required for service.

All software that is to be installed or downloaded must be for work-related use, unless approved by UIT.

All software installed or downloaded must be registered to IWU. Under no circumstance does the installation of software on a university provided computer include exclusive rights to that software.

At the request of a direct supervisor, software may be uninstalled and or moved to another computer at any time.

The UIT Support Center can be reached at extension 2209 or via email:


This policy will affect anyone using software on University equipment.

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