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Employee Exclusive Property Policy


All equipment, services and technologies provided to employees as part of Indiana Wesleyan University's computer system constitute the exclusive property of Indiana Wesleyan University.  Similarly, all information composed, transmitted, received or stored via the IWU computer system is also considered the property of Indiana Wesleyan University.  As such, all stored information is subject to disclosure to management, law enforcement and other third parties, with or without notice to the employee.  Accordingly, employees must ensure that all information communicated via IWU's computer system is accurate, appropriate, ethical and serves a legitimate business purpose.


This policy applies to all employees, faculty, and students of Indiana Wesleyan University.


20-Mar-2012 - This policy is a draft and is not yet in effect.

11-Apr-2012    - Reviewed by Jeff Bowen, Director of Client Services

10-Oct-2017 - Reviewed and edited (Scope) by Pete Partin, Director of Client Services

Policy Information

Employee Policy                400.02.07


University Information Technology - Client Services

Approved By

Chief Information Officer

Chief Financial Officer

Additional Remarks

There are no known exceptions to this policy at this time.


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