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Student Email Account Usage Policy


Email account creation / account termination

  • Email accounts are created when a student enrolls for classes at IWU. The accounts are maintained while the student is actively taking classes.
  • Accounts may be terminated for inappropriate use or termination of their enrollment.  
  • Upon graduating, their accounts will be switched from an address to a new primary email of  The will be added as an alias so they can still receive correspondence; they will need to begin logging in using the address.

Accessing email

Common methods of accessing the Indiana Wesleyan University email system are:

  1.  Microsoft Outlook for Windows
  2.  Microsoft Outlook for Mac (Apple users)
  3.  Outlook Web Access: (web interface)
  4.  Indiana Wesleyan University Web Portal
  • Only users for which an email account has been created are approved to use the Indiana Wesleyan University email system.
  • Students are required to protect their user name and password and NEVER share this confidential information.
  • No user should ever allow someone else to use their email account for sending or receiving email unless under direct supervision of the authorized user. By granting access, the authorized user assumes responsibility of any and all activities of the guest user.

Proper and Ethical Use of Email

The email system exists to enhance the communication abilities of the Indiana Wesleyan University community. It should be used for purposes that enhance communication and reflect our desire to be Christ-like.

Appropriate Content

At any time and without prior notice, Indiana Wesleyan University administration reserves the right to examine email, personal file directories, and other information stored on Indiana Wesleyan University computers or in services that are hosted by a third party on behalf of Indiana Wesleyan University. This examination helps to ensure compliance with internal policies, supports the performance of internal investigations, and assists with the management of Indiana Wesleyan University information systems. As such, the Vice President for  Technology and Facility Services or any of his/her assigned representatives may monitor the content of email. Use of the email system constitutes acceptance of such monitoring.

This policy should be read and interpreted in conjunction with all other Indiana Wesleyan University policies including but not limited to policies prohibiting harassment, discrimination, offensive conduct or inappropriate behavior. Students are expressly prohibited from using email for any unethical purposes, including but not limited to pornography, violence, gambling, racism, harassment, or any illegal activity. Further, transmitting any message that may be perceived as containing derogatory, obscene, profane, lewd, harassing, or inflammatory images or remarks about an individual or group’s race, color religion, national origin, age, disability, gender, or other protected class status is strictly prohibited, and is subject to disciplinary action.

Indiana Wesleyan University reserves the right to use email filtering / spam blocking technologies in an effort to minimize unsolicited bulk email. As a result, there may be instances where legitimate email may be inadvertently blocked or quarantined. In such cases, the office of Information Technology will make every effort to correct those situations.

E-mail messages cannot be considered private and may be monitored by University personnel. Such messages may be subject to disclosure to outside third parties, including the court system and law enforcement agencies, under certain circumstances. Please be aware that e-mail messages are not encrypted and can be viewed by anyone with the intention, ability, and equipment to do so.


This policy will affect all students.  This policy applies whether the email system is maintained by Indiana Wesleyan University, or by a third party which maintains an email service on behalf of Indiana Wesleyan University.


01-Jul-2008        Implemented

Policy Information

Student Policy                400.04.07


University Information Technology

Approved By

Chief Information Officer

V.P. for Student Development

Director of infrastructure

Review:    08-May-2012,

Edited      26-Jul-2012

Additional Remarks

Related Policies:        Student Handbook

Responsible Official:    Chief Information Officer

There are no known exceptions to this policy at this time.


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