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Palo Alto VPN Windows Client Install

Below are steps for installing the VPN client that IWU currently utilizes.

Please note that some laptops may already have the Palo Alto GlobalProtect VPN program installed. To check whether it is already on your computer follow the first step under the 'Setting Up and Using GlobalProtect' section below. Essentially, if you see the GlobalProtect icon it means it is already installed and as such you can skip the installing instructions.

Installing Palo Alto Global Protect Client

Please note that the steps below only work while on campus and connected to the IWU network. If you are off-campus and need to install the software you will need to contact the Support Center directly at 765-677-2209.

  1. Double-click the 'Application Catalog' shortcut icon on your IWU computer desktop.
  2. Find 'GlobalProtect' in the list of programs and install it. For a more detailed breakdown of the installation process please see the following article, How to Install Software from the IWU Application Catalog


Setting Up and Using GlobalProtect

1. Once GlobalProtect is installed select the white arrow at the bottom-right of your screen followed by the GlobalProtect icon.


2. Enter in the blank field.

Screen Shot 2019-09-09 at 8.29.31 AM.png

3. Click the Connect button.

4. Enter your credentials when prompted and select 'Sign In'.

5. When GlobalProtect says "Connecting" you'll receive a call or "push" notification to your mobile device from Duo. It is helpful here to note that the GlobalProtect program itself will not indicate anything about it utilizing Duo.

Note: If you do not accept the call or push notification from Duo quick enough (via your mobile device or appropriate landline), GlobalProtect will prompt for your username and password again as if nothing had been entered. To connect to GlobalProtect you must utilize Duo.



Be sure to check out the KB on Duo Security if you have any questions on setting it up.

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