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Training Facilitators


Describes how to run a workshop to train Facilitators to execute the Business Process Redesign methodology.


Powerpoint slides used at the original ICI BPR training seminar attended by Software Development team members are attached to this page for reference: BPR FOR HIGHER ED 2015.pptxTHE BPR PROCESS Guide.pptSAMPLE OUTPUT Procurement BPR.pptx

  1. Review Getting Started guide.
  2. Discuss the role of the Institution.
  3. Discuss the roles of Facilitator and Participant.

Training Exercise

  1. Have the group choose a common, relatively simple workflow of which most of the attendees will have some understanding.
  2. Have the group perform a BPR with multiple attendees taking a shared role as the Facilitator.  Assign a process recorder to assist the Facilitator.
  3. Have the group perform methodology steps 1, 3, 4 and 5.

Exercise Wrap-Up

  • Briefly discuss these key BPR steps not taken in the exercise:
    • Choosing the right business process
    • Seeking Executive Sponsorship
    • Choosing the BPR Participants
    • Identify Symptoms, Problems, and Causes
    • Identify Gaps between As-Is and To-Be
    • Develop recommended actions
    • Identify key roles and responsibilities
    • Forming the change process (beginning the Project request)
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