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Running a BPR Session


Describes what a Business Process Redesign Facilitator needs to know and do to guide a team through the methodology.


Congratulations, you are facilitating a Business Process Redesign!  Using this methodology can be exciting and fun.  To guide your session to success, follow the guidelines below.


  • Read the Getting Started guide.
  • Ensure the Pre-work was completed and all the details of it were communicated to you.
  • Be prepared to take copious notes throughout the session by having a laptop or pen and full-size notepad available.
  • Make sure a large whiteboard, easel, or projector is available in the meeting room.  
  • If using a projector, make sure the projector works with your laptop.

Run the Session

  1. Announce that the session is beginning, take attendance and write down both who is present and who is absent.
  2. Introduce yourself and explain your role as Facilitator.
  3. Ask each Participant to introduce themselves and state their position.
  4. Prepare to take detailed notes on each step or get a volunteer to write them on the whiteboard/easel/projector.
  5. Have the group perform the steps in the Basic Methodology Outline, not moving on until everyone is ready.  Do not push a direction and do not cut conversations short--let it all come out.
    Steps 2 through 4 usually take the most time.
  6. Write down To-Be ideas that come up during the As-Is discussion and save them for later.
  7. Make sure Roles and Responsibilities includes identification of the Process Owner and the metrics s/he will monitor to track the success of the new process.


  1. If not all the steps were covered, schedule another session that all participants can attend to finish all the steps.
  2. Make sure participants have clearly decided who will be performing the action items discussed in steps 7 and 8.
  3. Make sure all notes about each step from the whiteboard and/or projector are captured and sent to all participants.

Tips for Success

  1. Understand the BPR methodology before you begin.
  2. Don't stop the flow of stories and discoveries.
  3. Resist the urge to cut people off.
  4. Ask probing questions and take the team diving into details when more understanding is needed.
  5. Understand group dynamics and draw non-contributors into the process.
  6. Lead the team through the methodology, but do not direct them to one solution vs. another.
  7. Be flexible based on the pace of the team.
  8. Write down everything; it will save you time later.
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