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Indiana Wesleyan University Support Knowledge Base

Role of the Institution


Describes the role of the Institution, IWU, in Business Process Redesign.


  1. The Institution needs to Select a Business Process that is critical to the work of the campus but is recognized for having less than desired operational performance.
  2. The Institution needs to Establish Executive Support be and be seen and heard as key sponsors.
  3. The Institution needs to Select the Redesign Team and be prepared to support the BPR sessions by making key participants available as required.
  4. The Institution needs to Communicate and Involve the rest of the university community.
  5. The Institution needs to be prepared to support the recommendations of the BPR Design Team by prioritizing and supporting the initiative as a legitimate Project.


  • Most projects at IWU will not be initiated at this high a level, but they could be.
  • When the Institution takes on these roles, it is much easier to get everyone behind the project.
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