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Who Initiates BPR?


BPR for a particular process should always be initiated by the owner of the process.  Process owners should have the best overall understanding of the process and the best insight into how it is currently performing.  Consequently, process owners should be in the best position to recognize when the process needs to be evaluated for redesign. If the process is large, BPR responsibilities escalate to the Institution.

Understanding Ownership

Getting proper owners for business processes is called process management and is a large topic by itself.

  • Often the assumption is that the IT department is responsible for the business process, either because  the process is not communicated well or because IT drives communication instead of the actual process owner.
  • Think about these questions:
    • Who is really responsible for the business process?
    • Who is concerned with the performance of the process?
    • Who can't function if the process breaks down?
    • Who owns or reports on the result of the process?
  • ​If you are a manager and you answered "me" or "my direct reports" to any of these questions, you are the Process Owner.
  • The "owner" of a business process is the nearest manager of the process or of those who perform it.

Process Owner Responsibilities

  • Vision for continuous improvement of the business process (very important!)
  • Define how performance of the business process can be measured as associated metrics
  • Monitor metrics over time
  • Initiate Business Process Redesign when metrics or circumstances affecting the process change

Next Steps

Review BPR Requirements

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