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BPR Requirements


Describes the requirements necessary to begin using the BPR methodology.


The Business Process Redesign methodology requires:

Management Support

Involvement from someone in a position of authority over all areas involved is critical -- real involvement such as physically attending a kick-off meeting, not just signing off on others doing it.

  • Sometimes this involves a culture change at the Institution.
  • Research has shown that only the president of a university can effectively initiate cultural change.
  • ICI member presidents have asked ICI to challenge them to be willing to do this.

Time Commitment

  • For all involved - Dedicated 8 to 12 hours for large projects


Pre-work is the responsibility of the Institution / Executive Management team who has identified a need for BPR.  Until this process is widely adopted however, this work will fall to the CSR, Business Analyst, or a developer.

  • Select a Facilitator to guide the BPR team through the methodology.
    • The Facilitator doesn't need to be a SME.  Those with knowledge to contribute should be Participants.
    • The Facilitator will need to understand the BPR process and Group Dynamics.
    • The Facilitator will need to be able to ask probing questions that get the team thinking.
  • Select the Redesign Team, the right number and type of Participants who will be committed to attending the session.
  • Schedule the session, participants, and meeting space with one of the following available in order of preference:
    • Easel and self-adhesive pads of poster-size paper (stick them ot the wall when done with a page)
    • Large whiteboard
    • Laptop, projector, and screen

Next Step

Review the Basic Methodology Outline.

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