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Video Conferencing Equipment Options

This page discusses the various Video Conferencing Equipment Available at IWU Regional Education Centers


Video Conferencing Equipment includes hardware needed to conduct a conference, webinar or distance learning class, such as webcams, microphones, speakers and displays (from phone or laptop screen, to TV or projection screen). The hardware requires a computer, network connection and conferencing software, such as Zoom, Skype for Business, Adobe Connect, Google Hangouts, etc.


Example Locations
Logitech c930e USB Webcam Various conference rooms and small classrooms, also available for temporary checkout through Media Services on the IWU Marion campus Jackson Library.
Document Camera on the Teaching Station, paired with two Wireless Revolabs microphones (shaped like lipstick tubes); requires the desktop PC One room at each education center has this option permanently installed.
VC cart (a.k.a., Adobe Connect cart, or Zoom cart); stored elsewhere, must be rolled into the classroom and connected to specific jacks in the rear of the room. Cincinnati and Indianapolis North education centers, also available at IWU Marion's Ott and Burns Halls of Science and Nursing.
Zoom cart (2019), Newline TruTouch. A 55" interactive display on a mobile TV cart, with built-in PC, WiFi, mirroring, webcam, microphone, speakers and touch-screen. Florence, IWU Marion's Elder Hall
Meeting Owl. An all in one audio solution, in the appearance of an owl. Place it on the table in a location where all of the people in the room will be facing, and the 360 degree camera will pick up whomever is speaking. It has an 8-microphone array, built-in speakers, and the camera automatically tracks where the voice is coming from, providing a side-by-side view of the current and previous speakers, as well as a panoramic strip of the entire room. It connects to a desktop PC or a laptop via USB cable. It requires an included power cable. All Regional education centers; also available for temporary checkout through Media Services in the Jackson Library.
ZoomRoom. A meeting space committed to Zoom for connectivity. TV, computer, webcam, sound system and iPad controller. No cables on the table. Wirelessly connect your laptop or phone to the TV. Requires annual license. NGM 130 (Administrative conference room)



Other options are available for purchase or short-term demo.

Consult with Institutional Media Technologies (call extension x2209, option 9, or email for the best solution for your intended application and/or environment.


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