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Video Conferencing

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IWU currently supports two different official options for video conferencing:

1.     Adobe Connect with VOIP

Using Adobe Connect with the built in audio conferencing is fully functional. There are some best practices related to this method, among them is the use of headphones rather than speakers. This helps eliminate any unpleasant audio interference and feedback. Some users have reported difficulty with this method though, due to online students and faculty having technical issues with their personal computer that they are using for their course. There is no cost associated with using Adobe Connect in this way.

2.     Adobe Connect with a conference line

If users do not wish to use audio via their computer, they are welcome to make use of their office conference line, or if they do not have a dedicated office (“Meet me”) conference line, they can schedule one on the Avaya conference system. This can be arranged through the support center (support@indwes.edu) and does have a cost that can be billed to a university account.


Employees are encouraged to try different, third-party technology tools to enhance the classroom experience. It is not uncommon for faculty to use free tools such as Skype, Zoom, Join.me, FreeConferencing, or even Google Hangouts. Faculty, staff and students are welcome to try any of these sites to see if they meet their conferencing needs, but be aware that IWU does not provide official support for these services. For assistance, please contact the support team of the corresponding free conferencing service.

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