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Jackson Library 160


This class/lab is located in the Academic Affairs wing of the building, and is accessible from the hallway near the rotunda and has movable tables that seat two students each. The layout of the room is configurable, and flexible. The wall opposite the entrance is the typical "front" of the classroom, in a lecture style configuration. However, there are several flat panel TVs on mobile stands, which allow a n active learning environment.


This classroom has a standard push-button control panel on top of the teaching station.

The teaching station includes a desktop PC, a DVD/VCR combo, an AUX Video jack, a document camera, and a VGA+audio cable for connecting an instructor's laptop.

The flat panel TV carts, include both VGA+audio cables and HDMI cables, for connecting laptops that have those connectors. If you have

Display Options


The first option shows the desired source on the projection screen. To raise or lower the screen, press the corresponding button on the wall, behind the teaching station. To turn on the projector, press the Display ON button, located on top of the teaching station control panel.


Please set your laptop's resolution to 1024 x 768 for optimal viewing. This is the projector's native resolution.

Aspect Ratio 16:10

Flat Panel TVs160tv.JPG

The second option is to use the flat panel TV, on it's mobile cart. There are no default sources connected to these flat panel TV's , so the users will need to provide their own laptop, tablet, or Blu-Ray player. A "dongle" may be needed to adapt a laptop to either the provided VGA and/or HDMI cables.


 Please set your laptop's resolution to 1080p (1920 x 1080) for optimal viewing. This is the Flat Panel TV's native resolution.

Aspect Ratio 16:9


Please keep in mind that the content which is seen and heard on one display (flat panel or projection screen), cannot also be seen and heard through any other display. Some rooms labeled as "active learning" have this feature, but this is a more simplified and therefore limited configuration.

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