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Indiana Wesleyan University Support Knowledge Base

Executive Conference Room

Conference Room View:

Executive Conference Room_view


This conference room has one display:

  • Wall mounted flat panel TV


The conference table provides a connection for a source which can be shown on the display:

  • Laptop- HDMI
  • A ring of adapters is attached to the HDMI cable, allowing connectivity to laptops, tablets and phones with these standard connections:
    • DisplayPort
    • Mini DisplayPort
    • USB-C


  • integrated TV Speakers
  • Volume control using the TV's remote control

  • a conference phone is available for audio conferencing


   •    There is a webcam (Logitech C930) located on top of the flat panel TV, for use when video conferencing.

   •    Connection for the Logitech C930 webcam is available at the conference table through a USB cable. Connect this cable to your laptop, then select Logitech C930 from among your video (webcam) options, within your video conferencing platform (Skype, Zoom, Adobe Connect, etc.)

   •    The Logitech C930 has a built-in microphone, for inclusion of audio within a video conference.


For optimal results, please set your laptop's resolution to 1920x1080 Aspect Ratio 16:9


Please use the TV's remote control to turn on and off the display, and to control volume.

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