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How to Create An Assignment Category


After completing this how-to you will have the knowledge needed to create assignment categories within the Assignments tool that will allow individual assignments to be aligned to a category. For other guides on the Assignment tool, see the Assignments topic page.


  1. Select the "Activities" icon located within the course navbar.
  2. Within the "Activities" menu, select "Assignments".
  3. Select the "Edit Categories" button.
  4. Select the "Add Category" button.
  5. Enter a category name into the "Name" field.Create Category. Name: Example Category
  6. Select the "Create" button to create the category.
  7. Once the category has been created, select the order number to adjust the order within the category list.  This will adjust the order in which the category appears.
  8. Select the "Close" button.
  9. In the List view, place a checkmark next to each assignment that needs to be associated to a category.
  10. Select "Bulk Edit".
  11. From the dropdown menu, select the category for each selected assignment.
  12. After the category has been selected for each assignment, select the "Save" button.
  13. The assignments will now be aligned to the selected category.
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