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How to Grade an Assignment


After completing this how-to you will have the knowledge needed to navigate to a student's submission within the Assignment tool and using the tools provided grade the submission and leave feedback.  For other guides on the Assignment tool, navigate to the Assignments topic page.  For other guides on the gradebook, access the Grades topic page.


1.  Select the "Activities" icon from the course navbar.


2.  From the "Activities" menu, choose "Assignments".


3.  There are three ways to review student assignment submissions.

Option 1

3a.  If there are new submissions to be graded, select the number located in the "New Submissions" column.


3b.  The student submission that was submitted first in terms of date and time will appear first.


3c.  Select the document title link to review the file within Brightspace.


3d.  The document can also be downloaded by selecting the "Download" button.


Option 2

3a.  Select the dropdown menu next to the assignment containing the submissions to be graded.


3b.  From the dropdown menu, select "View Submissions".


3c.  Navigate to the assignment to be graded and select "Evaluate" or the name of the document.


3d.  If the document title link is chosen, the file will automatically open within Brightspace.  It can also be downloaded by selecting the "Download" button.


3e.  If "Evaluate" is chosen, select the name of the document to open the file within Brightspace, or open the dropdown menu next to download the file or review the file within Brightspace.


Option 3

3a.  Select the assignment title, then follow steps 3c through 3e listed in Option 2 to access the document to be reviewed.


4.  Once the submission has been reviewed, access the attached rubric (if one exists) to evaluate it.  For more information on grading a rubric, navigate to the guide on "How to Grade an Activity Using a Rubric".


5.  If a rubric is utilized, the criteria chosen or manual scores entered for each criteria will be totaled in the "Score" field.  If no rubric is utilized, a manual score can be entered into the "Score" field.


6.  Additional feedback can be left within the "Feedback" text box.


6a.  Documents/files/videos can be attached by selecting the "Insert Stuff" icon.


6b.  Images can be uploaded by selecting the "Insert Image" icon.


6c.  Links to videos, websites, other activities, etc. can be added by selecting the "Insert Quicklink" symbol.


6d.  Selecting the dropdown menu, will allow for symbols, lines, attributes, and emoticons to be inserted into the feedback text box.


6e.  Additional text formatting components can be accessed by selecting the three dots.


7.  Audio and video recordings, as well as other files, can be attached for the student to review.


8.  Select the "Publish" button to post the grade to the gradebook and make the evaluations available for the student to review, or choose "Save Draft" in order to save the evaluation items completed but not push the score to the gradebook or make it available for the student to review.


9.  The next student's submission can be accessed by selecting the "Next Student" arrow.


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