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Reporting a Course Content Issue within Brightspace


Even with robust testing, planning, and routine upkeep, an issue with Course Content can pop-up. These can be broken links in courses, to instructions that have a mistake.  We strive to develop the best learning experience for all of our students, and that's why its important that you have a way to report an issue with content in a course. This page shows how you can access that form, tips and details on completing the form, and how you can view the status of your reports.

Accessing the Form

You can access the Report Course Content Issue form in one of two ways:

  • You can access it directly by visiting the Report a Course Content Issue webpage 
  • You can access the form via the Virtual Assistant tool in Brightspace
    • From any page in Brightspace, select the Virtual Assistant button in the bottom right corner to open the toolframe    Virtual Assistant Chat
    • Select the "Report Course Content Issue" buttonBot Response: Hi, Your_First_Name, I'm the Brightspace Virtual Assistant. How can I help you? Initial Actions button: Report Course Content Issue
    • In the assistant's initial response, follow the link, "Report a Course Content Issue form."User Response: Report Course Content Issue. Bot Response: If you need help with broken links, typos, missing resources, or outdated information, please complete the Report a Course Content Issue form

Submitting the Report

First Step - The landing page

When you first land on the course content issue reporting page, you'll find four key items:

  1. Welcome message and basic instructions
  2. Button to report a content issue
  3. Your open reports (things you've submitted, and we're working to resolve quickly)
  4. Your resolved reports (things you've submitted, and we've fixed for you, and our other awesome students)


Second Step

Select the Report a Course Content Issue button (number 2 in the image above) and fill out the following fields:

  1. Short Description -
    • Think of this like a brief 2-4 word description of the issue, or a "subject" line of an email
  2. Issue Description - 
    • Be as detailed as possible here to describe what's happening, or what errors you see
  3. Attachments -
    • Here you can attach screenshots of what you're seeing. As the saying goes, a picture is worth 1000 words



Then fill out the following fields on the right side of the screen:

  1. Term - 
    • This will look like: 3WI2023
  2. Course -
    • This will look like: DNP-820
  3. Section -
    • This will look like: 01B
  4. Instructor - 
    • This will be the email address of your instructor in the course
  5. Location of Issue - 
    • A description of where within the course the issue is, be descriptive, and include additional details in the Issue Description field above to help explain the content issue.


Then, select the Submit button.

Need help locating course information (Term etc.)

If you need help locating the information such as the Term, Course, or the Section use one of the two options below:

  1. Via the View Courses Menu:
    • Navigate to the Brightspace site
    • Select the "View Courses" button shown here:
    • Note the Term, Course, and Section of your course, example here:
  2. Via the Course Dates & Faculty Bio page:
    • From within your course where the issue is, select the Course Dates & Faculty Bio link:
    • The top of the page will show your Term then your Course followed by the Section:


What's Next

Once your report is submitted, you will receive an email letting you know your report was received. Once the issue is resolved you'll receive a follow up email letting you know its been resolved. While we work to resolve the issue you may receive an email from our course editors asking for some additional details. 

You can also check in on the status of your ticket by visiting the Report A Course Content Issue homepage as described in the Accessing the Form section at the top of this page.

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